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Since 1981 experience in Design and Production of:

          Wholly integrated complete interiors and toilet systems, front hoods, external masks, side, end and roof covers, drive cabs and lighting systems for railway vehicles realized in advanced composite materials, metallic (aluminum, stainless steel in deep drawing and classic construction), sandwich with different cores (honey comb, cork, aluminum etc). Prototypes, mockups and tooling for external customers or internal production.

          Italian style, Florentine craftsmanship and quality guaranteed by 30 years of international experience (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, USA) developed in the most challenging fields of activity, where we handled design and production: railways, urban transport, marine industry, leisure marine, cars, agricultural and fashion.

          For us these are not words but a reality that allows us to grow on this competitive market thanks to the mastery of the entire cycle, both conceptual and productive, and gives us an unbeatable quality image for the satisfaction of our clients.

Partnership Mentality For us these are not only beautiful words but a 30-year old reality that allowed us "to keep" the market and develop it. We have managed to stay on the market because our clients are satisfied with our work. Our secret is called transparency regarding: - prices - during manufacturing - regarding orders - regarding quality - regarding financial



          It is very well-known that in the Eastern countries the cost of labour is lower than in the other countries of the European Union. This aspect together with an industrial mentality and, in case of Romania, with a highly stable political situation, due to the peaceful and hard-working nature of the Romanian people give the opportunity to have an optimum price for the best quality allowing the correct time for the working cycle, the quality control and the corrections needed, things that are not possible on a market where the labour cost are as high as in the rest of the European Union.

Punctuality We are permanently in touch with our clients trying to improve ourselves all the time, accepting the criticism from our clients positively. The wish to be the best made us efficient, therefore punctual.

Safety Romania offers many opportunities thanks to its big geographical position: a politicaly stable country at the border of Central Europe, with a peaceful people, with no religious or ethnical tensions. The presence of the biggest European Community Industrial Concerns proves it.

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