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          Coplass Trading  has a long experience in making MODELS, MOULDS and  MOCKUP tooling  for internal or customers' applications.
          Moulds and tooling are realised for all different technologies that Coplass Trading is used to manage and offer, composite mould for lamination process, metallic mould for deep drawing process which are realised in house, according to our own concepts and technology.



          Industrial robot type with 4 columns of fastening / fixing and controllable axes for operations of:
-  cutting and removing unwanted material at high speed with electrical chucks and high frequency.


          The space / rhythm of this robot is achieved with high precision devices to ensure no vibration apears during the work. It is equipped with several accessories for the cutting technique:
-  high speed chucks 4.
-  devices operating under vacuum to fasten the parts to be processed 5.
-  devices changing 6.
-  automatically tool change graphical modules for solid modelling with 3 to 5 axes 7.

          Dimensions 4000 x 2000 x 800



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