Managerial policy regarding quality, environment, health and labour safety


Our company's basic principles are:

  •     Quality assurance and warranty for the products manufactured within our company, according to the requirements and quality levels specified by the valid regulations and the contractual clauses agreed with the customers;
  •     Confidence development at top management level of the organization and among the employees.
  •     Quality and seriousness in relationship with all interested partners guarantees the winning of the market.
  •     Obtaining an excellent image proved by high professionalism in solving all the problems and through optimum communication with the suppliers and the customers.
  •     Ensuring proper working environment and equipment in order to reduce the risks concerning health and labour safety.
  •     Identification of other risks and establishment of control measures in order to reduce incidents concerning health and labour safety.
  •     Ensuring a minimum impact over the environment due to the product manufactured within the organization ( minimum level of pollution due to the wastes/dump goods, small stock of dump goods, raw materials? employment with maximum efficiency, non-polluting technologies, etc. ).

          The basic condition to turn into reality all things mentioned above is to abide by the rules and requirements of the integrated management implemented into our organization according to the standards SR EN ISO 9001 : 2015, SR EN ISO 14001 : 2015, SR ISO 45001:2018. This system offers the framework for improving the activities through :

  •     Every employee must point out any non-conformity appeared during his/her activity in order to remove it;
  •     Legal requirements and regulations must be met entirely;
  •     Causes of the non-conformities must be eliminated, reducing the non-quality costs
  •     Continuous training of the employees and their motivation to improve the level of professional performance of the organization;
  •     Periodical data analysis for continuous improvement of the activities;
  •     Acquisition of high quality specific means and equipment in order to meet European Union standards.














Certification in accordance with DIN 6701-2 

Process Planning with bonded Parts Class A1

Production of bonded Parts Class A1

Certificate no. : TC-K/6701/A1/F1-1/2017/427

Certification Body TC Kleben







Certification in accordance with EN 15085-2

Welding of railway vehicles and components

Certification level CL1

Certificate no.: TUV SUD/15085/CL1/670/0/17

Certification Body TUV SUD

















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